Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ireland entered more than 1000 notes in one day

Ireland has a new record notes entered in one day
2009-08-25 1145 Notes

This is the first day that Ireland entered more than 1000 hits in one day.
I had entered today 723 notes this morning. That was my personel record. Those notes where all new notes from bundles who I found at work.
I received a pm from japh with concratulations and he sad a record and milestone could broken today.

He sad also if we entered on an average a little less then 300 noted a day, than we brake the milestone of 10.000 notes in one month for the first time. It's hard but we are trying but I think i'm not able to find more new bundles.
Also two new members are promising and entering a lot of notes. Keep on going vladik80 and JohnTaxi

japh also calculated that if we entering on an average more than 257.46 notes till the end of the year than we reach the milestone of 100.000 notes in a year. Our avarage of this year is now 287.08 and hope it is growing

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