Monday, September 28, 2009

Ireland in September again above the 10.000 notes

Volg je eurobiljetten in hun sporen!:
For the second time in a row, Ireland entered more than 10.000 notes in a month.

Avarage note / day is in 2009 296.69 notes

"2009-09 10 155"

Monday, September 07, 2009

A hit with no. one of Ireland

Finaly I have a hit with japh. the number one of Ireland on Eurobilltracker.
He traveled from Dalkey - Killarney in 75 day with a distance of 266 km. It is for me hit number 220 and for japh hit number 29

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hit in Killarney

This is the firsthit with Killarney where I have nothing to do with.

Killerspec found a URLed note from curry-king. He/she became a member, and wrote the URL on the other note he/she entered.

Congrets Killerspec and curry-king and keep up the good work.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Second hit in one month, 5th this Year

Hit no. 219 is in: "
"vermeer 2009-08-31 15:34:55 Groningen 9712 akerk_26462
Burdie 2005-06-06 19:23:08 Schiphol 1118
Afstand = 159 km, tijdsverschil = 1546 dagen"

On the end of the month I received a E-mail. Your notes is found by vermeer.
I thought this is vermeers first Irish hit, but no. This was an old note. I entered it 1546 days ago in the Netherlands.

I think he has to come to Ireland by himself to found his first Irish hit. He was planning to come over this month.
He is very Welcom.

More than 10.000 in one month for Ireland

"Another Irish record.: In August there were 10909 notes entered in Ireland. The previous record was 9580 notes in July '09."

Thanks to japh, who entered more than the helft of the 10.000 notes this month, Ireland was able for the fisrt time in EBT history to enter more than 10.000 notes.

End score for August is : 10.909 notes.

Now we are going for more than 100.000 notes in one Year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ireland entered more than 1000 notes in one day

Ireland has a new record notes entered in one day
2009-08-25 1145 Notes

This is the first day that Ireland entered more than 1000 hits in one day.
I had entered today 723 notes this morning. That was my personel record. Those notes where all new notes from bundles who I found at work.
I received a pm from japh with concratulations and he sad a record and milestone could broken today.

He sad also if we entered on an average a little less then 300 noted a day, than we brake the milestone of 10.000 notes in one month for the first time. It's hard but we are trying but I think i'm not able to find more new bundles.
Also two new members are promising and entering a lot of notes. Keep on going vladik80 and JohnTaxi

japh also calculated that if we entering on an average more than 257.46 notes till the end of the year than we reach the milestone of 100.000 notes in a year. Our avarage of this year is now 287.08 and hope it is growing

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hit 218 is in

Volg je eurobiljetten in hun sporen!: "GebruikerDatum IngaveLocatieOpmerking
vladik802009-08-19 15:41:22 Swords CO.DUBLINClear
Burdie2008-10-07 23:49:26 Killarney CO. KERRYWork New Bundle
Afstand = 269 km, tijdsverschil = 315 dagen"

Vladik80 from Swords Co. Dublin found a note from me. I was waiting a long time for it :-)
Vladik80 just started this month and he already entered more than 300 notes in. A promising start.

Vladik80 Congrets and keep up the good work