Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back in cold weather

I'm already back in Ireland for two weeks. Still have a little bit of tint and getting use (with help of an electric blanket) to the cold.

I'll scored 121 notes, 5 letters for the Spanish Alphabet and 3 world dots and no hits.

Also I found my first X5*** note.

At the time there was a ferry between Fuertventura and Lanzarote in service. That was the reason that we only could do a short tour (half day) to Lanzarote. So I was not able to get both world-dots from Lanzarote.

BTW Is someone looking for my notes. My last hit is already from 2-10-2008. Time for a new hit. My last active hit is from 9-5-2008, so sent over some notes to Ireland so that I can find them J

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